Cherai, Kochi, Indriya Beach Resort & SPA (Club Mahindra)

Cherai, Kochi, Indriya Beach Resort & SPA (Club Mahindra)


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Yavana Spa

The Yavana is a serene and stylish, state of the art spa offering an extensive range of Ayurveda cures and international beauty treatments. Manned by qualified and experienced professionals who will take you through the process of diagnosis, treatment and post treatment care, the Yavana Spa will ensure that you leave a rejuvenated person.

Today the need for a holistic approach to health is more relevant than ever before. This is where nature shows us the way. We offer several rejuvenation programs suited to your specific constitution and lifestyle, based on the traditional principles of Ayurveda. Ayurveda works by bringing balance to our vital energies - or 'doshas' - through an individually tailored combination of treatments, exercise, diet and lifestyle modifications.

The Yavana Spa was created to ensure your spiritual well-being and the complete relaxation of your body. Our services also include a range of massage routines from different parts of the world. In addition, we also offer body scrubs, foot reflexology, and aromatherapy.


Abhyangam 2,000/-  (General Body Massage)
Elakkizhi 2,750/-
Navarakkizhi 3,250/-
Dhara 4,000/-
Udwarthanam 3,500/-
Pizhichil 4,500/-
Head/Face Massage 1,000/-
Sirovasthi 2,500/-
Nasyam & Thalam 750/-
Tharapanam 2,000/-
Sneha Vasthi           2,000/-
Kasaya Vasthi 2,000/-
Karnapooranam 950/-
Thalapothichil 2,750/-
Kheeradhara 2,750/-
Steam bath 1,250/-
Mukhalapanam 900/-

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